Friday, February 4

Watch out, capitalism!

Potlatch writes:
Capitalism depends on frustrated yearning to persist, as both Marx and Keynes recognised. Its gravest danger is that people get enough of something....
I've already got pretty much all I want. Watch out, capitalism! (Actually, no worries: I seem to be pretty much an outlier).

Tuesday, February 1

Obama is an establishment figure

Tim Cavanaugh writes,
The president routinely depicted by detractors as the demon seed of the ’60s counterculture is in fact an establishment figure who blocks efforts to end federal discrimination against gay people, supports immunity for federal agents who illegally engaged in warrantless wiretapping, declines to withdraw on any front from either the war on drugs or the war on jihad, made insurance giganticorps the centerpiece of his health care law, failed to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and helped deliver hundreds of billions of dollars into the hands of insolvent bankers and industrialists.