Saturday, July 25

Freedom of Choice

Independence really worth celebrating would be the ability of each of us, individually, to make the following sorts of choices, and to make these choices independently of any order or restrictions imposed by government:

  • To choose to work at whatever wages we can negotiate, even if these are below some stipulated "minimum wage"
  • To choose to install in our homes and places of business toilet-tanks of whatever size we're willing to pay for
  • To choose to install showerheads that permit as much or as little water flow as we're willing to pay for
  • To choose not to have as much as one cent of our money funneled to corporations, such as General Motors, that we do not support as consumers
  • To choose to buy foreign-made goods or services without ever having to pay a special tax
  • To choose to ingest whatever substances we, as adults, deem worthwhile
  • To choose how much, if any, money to save for our retirement years
  • To choose how much, if any, funds to give to help the poor -- and to choose which charities will and will not get our money
  • To choose not to support government schools
  • To choose to buy only those works of art that we like, rather than have the National Endowment for the Arts make many such choices for us
  • To choose the level of safety that we want in our automobiles, and not be compelled to buy that level of safety deemed appropriate by Washington.

Such choices, along with countless others, are regrettably today denied to each individual American.

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