Saturday, December 26

I don’t want any goddamn carbon-footprint lectures

Glenn Reynolds writes,
...I don’t want any goddamn carbon-footprint lectures from people who fly thousands of miles week after week.
In my case, I might add, who drive SUV's instead of smaller cars or instead of bicycling or walking in a small college town.

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citywoman said...

Totally agree. That's why I drive a midget Honda that only needs filling once a month. I fundamentally believe that the carbon trading scheme is flawed and a bit of a con. Carbon avoiding power shouldn't be costing us more money but LESS. Not into lecturing on but really about weighing up the realistic options. Have never worn a kaftan in my life so I'm not a hippie either. But in Australia we see global warming at its worst esp in Melbourne and in Mexico, S.E. Asia and many other 3rd world countries I have had to live or work in I have seen enough anti-social behaviour in regard to high consumption and low regard for recycling or just plain being neat and tidy to put me off humans as a species altogether. What people don't realise is that there are many alternatives just requiring a bit of logic.
Thanks for reading our page anyway!