Saturday, May 14

E.J. Dionne, political hack

Yuval Levin points this out:
The passage of health care reform provided the first piece of incontestable evidence that Washington has changed.  Congress is, indeed, capable of carrying through fundamental social reform. No longer will the United States be the outlier among wealthy nations in leaving so many of its citizens without basic health coverage. In approving the most sweeping piece of social legislation since the mid-1960s, Democrats proved that they can govern, even under challenging circumstances and in the face of significant internal divisions.
     -E.J. Dionne, March 22, 2010
And second:
As if our political system were not having enough trouble already, we now confront the possibility that a highly partisan judiciary will undo a modest health-care reform that is a first step toward resolving a slew of other difficulties.
     -E.J. Dionne, May 12, 2011

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