Saturday, January 14

The reason Tsai lost?

DPP reiterates denial of '92 consensus'
Taipei, Jan. 12 (CNA) The "1992 consensus" espoused by the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) and the Communist Party of China does not exist, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said at an international press conference in Taipei on Thursday.

Speaking on behalf of DPP Chairwoman and presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen who was on the campaign trail in Taoyuan County, Hsiao Bi-khim described the "92 consensus" as a term invented in 2000. No such consensus was reached with China in 1992, she told the reporters from over 30 countries around the world.
Supposedly that's the reason she lost: this talk infuriated the Communists and terrified Taiwanese businessmen came out to drum up support for the KMT.

What's odd is I only find mention of this "international press conference" on the gov't CNA website and on the pro-KMT China Post.


Although this article (or editorial) dated August 22, 2011 pretty much follows the DPP line, and quotes guess who:
...Hsiao Bi-khim responded that the "so-called 92 consensus is a very weak foundation." There was no real consensus in 1992 between Taipei and Beijing, she argued, and "there is no domestically agreed to consensus." The only real consensus might be "between the KMT and the Chinese Communist Party."

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