Friday, April 13

The most fairest, most moral system in the world

Senator Jon Kyl:
Free market capitalism is the most fair system in the world--and the most moral. It is premised on voluntary transactions that make both sides happy by meeting their needs. Unfortunately, the past few years have shown us what unfair economic policies look like. When the government picks winners and losers in the marketplace, it is being unfair. When it rewards certain companies or industries for ideological reasons while effectively punishing and demonizing others, it is being unfair. That is crony capitalism. When it shapes a corporate bailout to favor organized labor over secured debtholders, as the Obama administration did in the Chrysler bailout, it is being unfair. When it plays venture capitalist and gives a taxpayer-funded $545 million loan guarantee to a doomed company such as Solyndra, it is being unfair. When it makes the Tax Code even more complex and even more tilted in favor of special interests, it is being unfair. When it adopts financial regulations that institutionalize "too big to fail," putting taxpayers on the hook, it is being unfair. I could go on, but you get the point. Does anyone really think America's economic system is "fairer" today than in January 2009?
Yes, I'd say "fairest", but otherwise, this is spot on. (Of course, I suspect there's been a certain amount of Republican tinkering with the tax code, too.)

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