Friday, June 8

How one California city wasted taxpayer money

Christophe's Restaurant and Lounge, was a business in downtown Upland, CA that closed in January.

Sandra Emerson, of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin notes,
Christophe's was the first restaurant to participate in the city's restaurant incentive program, which loaned the operators $350,000 in redevelopment money. However, the restaurant was unable to repay the loan, almost in its entirety, when it closed.

The city retained the fixtures and furniture purchased with the loan, said Jeff Zwack, the city's development director.

Upland will never be reimbursed for the funding, since it was redevelopment money, he said.
And that's how Upland, CA threw away $350,000 of taxpayer dollars from the defunct Community Redevelopment Agency program. The government sure can pick winners!

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