Wednesday, January 14

How many balls you got dangling from your rearview mirror

Shane is trying to help the daughter of an Armenian "businessman" who's lying in a coma. After he tells her that one Juneteenth Freeman has been ripping off her prostitutes, back at the police station he hears "African-American male, 20s, ID'd Juneteenth Freeman, out on parole, found unconscious in an alleyway with his testicles cut off."

Later talking to her, Shane says, "It's only a matter of time before Rezian finds out your father's out of the game. If he hasn't already. When he does, he's gonna come after you with everything he's got. Now, you're not ready for that. I don't care how many balls you got dangling from your rearview mirror."

From "The Shield" Season 6 Episode 8.

(Bonus: When the male cops express surprise at female interest in knockoff luxury purses, one of the female cops explain, "It's a girl thing. You guys just don't get it." Another chimes in, "Yeah, it would like us trying to understand why you guys love your balls so much that you gotta play pocket pool all the time." and one of them guiltily removes his hands from his pockets.)

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