Sunday, July 1

Chino Hills insanity - sidewalks

The "Chino Hills News" edition mentioned below also has an item about a Los Serranos improvement project. When I saw mention of sidewalks linked with Valle Vista Drive, I thought they were finally going to put in sidewalks on Valle Vista between Los Serranos Boulevard and Ramona (at which point Valle Vista becomes Bird Farm Road), but according to the city, this is an ADA Compliant Ramp Replacement "along the existing Onmitrans bus comply with current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, thereby providing better accessibility for those with disabilities."

From that description, I'm not sure they're going to be allowed to use any of that money to make that section of Valle Vista actually walkable.

Any pedestrian who has to walk here is in danger. There is no shoulder to walk on at road level. Once upon a time it might have been possible to walk on the elevated berms on either side next to the fenced-off fields, but the berms have gotten narrower and narrower, and badly eroded in some places.

This is what that section is like now (taken from 4480 Valle Vista Drive, Chino Hills, CA on Google Maps; click to enlarge).

Looking east:

The south side of the road:

The north side:

A closer view of the erosion on the north side:

The ADA Compliant Ramp Replacement is costing a million dollars, mostly Federal money, for which price they could probably just give people with disabilities door-to-door service, and cancel the bus, which is empty almost every time I see it. But I guess it's the law.

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