Saturday, July 21


In connection with the Mature Driver Improvement Course, a note on the word "velocitation", usually used by driving instructors to mean "a condition of unconsciously driving too fast as a result of driving for long periods at high speeds", but also used by some people to refer to the contrary phenomenon of drivers taking a long time to speed up because they're not used to the fast speed. But what is the etymology? It can't be", which The Macquarie Dictionary defines as:
(in filming) a form of dolly incorporating a small crane for the camera and seats for the technical operators.
It's not in the OED. Merriam-Webster Unabridged apparently defines "velocitize", but I'm too cheap to pay to find out the definition. Intriguingly, Mr. Burns of The Simpsons refers to a car's accelerator pedal as the "velocitator" (and the brake as the "deceleratrix").

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