Wednesday, December 21

Now we'll just have to take science off the curriculum

Judge John E. Jones III in the Dover evolution trial makes these points:
  • intelligent design invokes "a supernatural designer"
  • science, by definition, deals only with natural phenomena
  • "science has been a discipline in which testability, rather than any ecclesiastical authority or philosophical coherence, has been the measure of a scientific idea's worth"
  • intelligent design's views on how the world got to be the way it is offer no testable facts, choosing instead to rely on authoritative statements
  • people would be well advised to remember that an argument against one thing cannot necessarily be interpreted as an argument for something else
  • just because a complex organ cannot work today with one component removed does not mean the component did not evolve independently to serve a different purpose and later took on a new role when combined with other parts
So what next? Neo-creationists will have to ban science entirely?

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