Monday, December 5

Rocket science?

Cold Weather Hikes Blood Pressure, UF Scientist Warns
When winter arrives and temperatures drop, there’s one place the mercury actually rises — in blood pressure gauges.

A survival mechanism in people and other mammals constricts blood vessels in cold weather, to conserve heat and maintain body temperature. But with less room for blood to move, pressure rises — along with the risk of fatal heart attack and stroke, which peaks during winter.

Many of these deaths could be prevented with simple precautions, says University of Florida blood pressure expert Zhongjie Sun [says] "Everyone should bear in mind that cold temperature is a risk factor (for heart attack and stroke)"...

"Patients with hypertension should be very careful when they go out (in the cold)," Sun said. "But normal people should take precautions as well."...

People can take other simple precautions to help lower risk, Sun added. Cold-weather care includes dressing in layers to conserve body heat, easing into outdoor physical activity to minimize sudden changes in the heart’s workload and avoiding extreme exertion or heavy lifting. Wearing a hat, scarf and gloves will minimize the amount of skin exposed, important because blood pressure increases don’t require full-body exposure, he said.
I like to walk, and will even walk when it's quite cold. I'd better be careful I don't kill myself.

So we're thinking of moving to someplace warmer once I retire. I occasionally look at sites like the City Comparison Tool or The LifeStyle Optimizer for info on where to live in retirement and then go to for more details. But for us, having a good place to buy Chinese related foodstuffs like our Fresh Foods or International Grocery is extremely important, and that's a significant detail that I can't find on such sites. Lifehacker suggested community Fact Sheets. I bet this link will die soon with no redirect.

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