Friday, April 18

A Bad Person

Will Wilkinson:
The failure to incorporate realistic models of politics into one’s thinking is the reason many people are statist in the first place.... When concerted political action based on this or that moral framework is conceived as a redemptive ideal, questioning its desirability just makes you a bad person.... [F]or many pushing large, immediate anti-warming action, there is exceedingly little interest in science per se, but a great deal of interest in the rhetorical and political possibilities of science. When you see Scientific American giving its pages over to English teachers to argue that economics is not a science, in order to clear the way for political action, you can be sure that the science of it all is not really the paramount concern.
Robert Lee Nadeau, the author of the Scientific American paper, wrote his PhD thesis on William Faulkner. I suppose that qualifies him to write about science as well as economics.

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