Saturday, April 19

The universe doesn't care about us

Ophelia Benson cites Desmond Tutu as saying that the universe is a moral place, and that truth and justice always ultimately prevail. She responds:

No - it isn't and they don't. Especially the universe is not a moral place - I think that's such a mistake. The universe is a bunch of gas and rock; it's no more moral than my kettle is when I put it on to boil water. We're here and the universe is there and the universe couldn't possibly care less about us or about morality. If there's going to be any morality it has to come from us. That's sad, because we're not much good at it, but we're all there is. And, alas, truth and justice don't ultimately prevail, not least because there is no ltimately, there's only a series of nows, all of which are shot through with truth and justice not prevailing.

There's nothing left to say.

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